Disaster Recovery - Plans/Options

When it comes to the aftermath of a disaster, be it earthquake, fire, burglary or something else, it can feel as though the task to begin again is almost insurmountable.
As a design company do you have a system in place in case of a disaster, and what are your vulnerabilities?  Even solo practitioner companies need to consider this.  Do you have a regular back-up system of your files?  Do you store your back-ups off site?  
At Salesoft we understand that life can and does bring us these challenges and we’re here to help with all your hardware and software needs.  We can also help you with great advice on replacement of your CAD and systems software, how to receive help through your subscription site and what the appropriate system requirements are for CAD products on your new PC’s and laptops.
Ask us for help with quotes for any insurance claims and to help you with any Autodesk issues, if you have to move your office.  If you’re in the Auckland region, we’ll even come out to visit you with advice and information to get you up and running again.
If disaster has struck and you’re ready to take stock and move forward, make Salesoft the number one firm to call to get your design practice running again.
NOTE:  If you are interested in downloading a simple guide to Disaster Recovery, put out by Resilient Organisations, please use this link to download the ‘Shut Happens’ PDF.

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