Autodesk Cloud Credits

 Important Information about your Cloud Credits
  • The grant of 100 cloud credits per user, previously labeled, “Individual Cloud Credits", are now known as "Starter Cloud Credits".
  • Starter Cloud Credits are given as a one-time gift, to NEW NAMED USERS assigned to Desktop or Maintenance Subscription contract. For example, a company that has say 30 Licenses but only one named user, will receive only 100 Cloud Credits. They are entitled to 100 Cloud Credits per user so do ensure that all users are named by the Contract Manager or Software Co-Ordinator. This is actioned via the new user management interface in the Autodesk Account portal. Note: Click here to see how to add or remove named users.
  • ​Starter Cloud Credits are not reissued every year or upon renewal, nor on any subsequent contract assignments. 
  • Starter Cloud Credits cannot be shared or transferred and do not expire.

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