Introducing Industry Collections


An Autodesk industry collection is the most convenient and flexible way to access a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software used in your industry; subscriptions to these collections will be available for:

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
  • Product Design Collection
  • Media & Entertainment Collection
Industry collections will provide you access to a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software for your profession. They will offer immediate access to new technology, cloud services, and several licensing options. In short, Industry Collections will give you the freedom to access the software products you want, when you want them.
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After July 31, 2016, Autodesk will no longer sell suites (this includes new subscriptions and perpetual licenses). Customers with perpetual licenses to Suites on a maintenance plan will be able to access their benefits for as long as they renew their maintenance plan.
To learn more about Autodesk industry collections and options for switching your subscription (if you choose to do so) please read Frequently Asked Questions.


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