Why Choose Us

Superior local knowledge and experience

Salesoft CAD Solutions has spent the last quarter-century developing our knowledge of the New Zealand building industry. We’ve worked alongside our clients in the industry to help streamline their CAD design work flow with minimal errors.

Well-trained, passionate people

Our team is passionate about helping clients effectively leverage their Autodesk subscriptions to provide high quality results. The team’s diverse experience and depth of knowledge combine with excellent training to result in people that are productive and effective in their work place.

Commitment to CAD best practice and industry design standards

Key staff members have worked closely with Autodesk to develop CAD standards and content.

Comprehensive solutions

Your solution is more than just purchasing a product. We want to contribute to your effective design workflow. In partnership, we assist you to solve your immediate and ongoing needs, recommend the best solution, train your staff, and provide industry-leading after sales support.

Revit libraries for the New Zealand building industry

Thanks to Salesoft you can stop reinventing the wheel when it comes to content for Autodesk Revit. We provide New Zealand building industry content as part of a special partnership with CAD Content (NZ) Ltd.

We have developed several Autodesk Revit libraries under the brand name of RVT Pacifica and continuously add to the content. Libraries include:

  • 3D and 2D component families
  • ​whole details
  • NZ materials
  • annotation symbols
  • get-started templates suitable for both architectural and structural designers.

Sometimes, it is just more cost effective to get Salesoft to create libraries from your catalogues while your designers get on with designing.

You might even consider having your library created for distribution to other designers so that your products show up in their specifications.



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