Rich Sales Director's Speech

Fiday 14th June 2013                                                                       
Welcome to our Salesoft 25th silver anniversary celebration.           
I’ve been asked to say a few words -  so thought some company highlights would be in order.
I don’t intend to do a PowerPoint presentation, instead I’ve come with some props from our archives (after all we are in an aircraft hanger) – no doubt they should eventually be given to MOTAT anyway.  I’m simply going to scribble key words on paper – so here we go.
Actually it’s 25 years since Salesoft became an incorporated company. 1988 to 2013 -  25 yrs.
  1. I invested in a homemade Word processing computer in 1978.
    I can remember getting up one morning to find my 14 hours of Contract Specification word processing done the night before, would not print – the floppy disk had got too hot and expanded the night before – so it could not be read.
            That’s 35 yrs before 2013 - a long time using electronic technology.
  1. As an architect, I used to draw with a pencil on a drawing board and used my artistic skills to show clients my design intent, with persuasive hand sketches, (there’s some on display here tonight.)
    We did not call them visualizations in those days and client’s knew the built result would never look like the artistic impressions! Mind you, we thought in 3D, and made cardboard models if we really wanted to ‘show’ the client what it was going to be like.
  1. Salesoft CAD started out as Salesoft House Ltd  when I practiced as an Architect between 1976 and 1986 out of my house – that’s 10 years before 1988.
  1. CAD ‘arrived’ in 1984  and I had to decide to buy AutoCAD or VersaCAD – of course  I brought AutoCAD and have enjoyed the Autodesk range of winning products ever since.   As many of you know,   Salesoft has always picked and backed winners!
  1. Being the first NZ CAD Guru I took to the road in about 1985 to do 2D CAD demos   with an IBM 286 prototype AT bolted to a trolley with a swivel mounted mono green phosphor screen and a 20MbHD running on DOS !
    My ‘mouse’ was a Sumergraphics digitizer.   There was an A1 Houston Instruments single pen plotter. Boy did we have fun with that plotter, always blocked part way through a wet ink tracing paper plot – replots were often multiple times; then you had to develop prints on chemical paper - document sets took ages to do.
  1. My 1st AutoCAD was ver 1.4 and it used to ask “Would you be wanting to use Pan or Zoom” at the start to save memory, a maximum of 24 commands in a Menu – then version 2.1, anyone remember the fire hose reel Nozzle drawing ?
  1. The first 386 PC workstation was a Tatung tower unit with a color screen!
  1. In ’86 or ‘87 – can’t remember ? I visited Autodesk in Marineship Way, California. Took some metric DWGs to show them – they never knew that AutoCAD could be used in metric mode!
  2. Bursting at the seams, Salesoft moved and shared an office with NIXDORF Computers at the top of Nelson Street - you could see the AutoCAD logo sign in the window as you came off the motorway.
  1. In 1988  the company name changed to Salesoft CAD Solutions Ltd  to reflect our CAD focus and it became incorporated.
    You might have noticed a photo on display that shows our 1st year birthday in the Nixdorf premises. Did anyone spot Hans of CADPRO in the photo? – yes Salesoft has been the start off point for many people and companies in the NZ CAD industry over the years.
  1. My first ‘portable or luggable’, was that heavy old Toshiba with a 200Mb HD, mono orange phosphor screen. It had no battery and had to be plugged in. Then at last a color portable by Texas Instruments – the battery fused and the whole unit did a melt down. Compaq was the first reliable laptop – it had a roller ball mouse.
Enough of computers – what of the Salesoft Team.

12.      In 25 years Salesoft has had some 33+ staff of all different nationalities.
           Back in 1988 Paul Dinther – our Dutch electrician wrote our first DOS based CAD application - PICK-it! ‘The File Selector’
           we sold hundreds of those -  he went off to become an airline pilot.
           Staff have always been a loyal bunch – not many employees stay with a firm for over 17 years.
  1. We started customizating AutoCAD,  by developing NZ specific Library Blocks and AutoLISP routines – marketed as AUTOAIDs Applications , then ADT Pacifica for AutoCAD ADT and later RVT Pacifica for Revit.   3D CAD had taken off.
  1. Over the years, the personal computer operating system has gone from CPM to DOS then Windows 3, NT, XP, 7 & 8.   Software came on 8” and 5” floppies then CDs, DVDs, and USBs: support was a Tablet overlay – no not a touch screen tablet but a digitizing tablet.
    PC CAD has taken us from mainframe IBM systems to powerful  3D virtual building BIM Models.
  1. Salesoft moved again in July 1996 to 115 Grafton Rd – bigger, brighter, new office complete with a permanent 8 seat, network driven Autodesk Certified Training room.
  1. Salesoft was appointed the Autodesk Master NZ Reseller for Revit in 2002
     when Autodesk purchased Revit.  
    Who can remember back in 2006, the Salesoft BIM BUS that we toured NZ in to launch collaboration between Revit Architecture & Structure users.
  1. Now it’s 2013 and I can draw on a touch sensitive Tablet, screen or SAMSUNG   smartPhone - if I have to.
    I can send my drawings over the Internet to Mobiles via the Cloud. 
    Times do change!
So to close I’d like to thank everyone for coming to our 25th celebration
– I know some of you have been our clients for longer than 25 years.
I would like to thank all the staff that have contributed their effort and intellect to the growth of Salesoft over the years.
And thanks too to my family for putting up with my work obsession,  I can remember teaching my daughter Emma to crawl around sheets of drawings on the floor in my front room studio!
My other daughter Cathy, she joined Salesoft for a while, as a computer technician!
What is the future of CAD – Autodesk and Salesoft ?
Today is a very different business environment for design based clients and Salesoft as an Accredited Autodesk Gold Partner support company & Reseller .
We have always done it well – as a recent survey of our clients found; “a good company to work with, professional, reliable and they always go the extra mile”.    SO TRUE.
It has been a fantastic journey – so far - and no doubt there are more years to come for Salesoft and it’s clients.
Thank you for listening and please enjoy our celebration meal.
Rich Sales
Salesoft Director : B.Arch (Hons)
Rich Sales

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